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Why WP Review

WP Review blows away any other review plugin by a huge margin.
Check out its unbeatable features.


Support for 19 Types of Rich Snippets

WP Review is the perfect review plugin whether you are reviewing products, books, movies, games, or anything else. A total of 19 types of snippets are supported, and you can select your preferred snippet in a few clicks.


16 Predefined Designs

WP Review ships with 16 pre-made templates that you can start using immediately. To tailor each template to your brand, you can also customize each template’s colors and other elements from the control panel itself.


Multiple Rating Systems (Star, Point, Percentage, Circle, Thumbs)

Different products need different types of reviews, and WP Review is ready for them all. You can use star, point, percentage, thumbs up PRO and circle PRO rating criteria to create perfect reviews for all products.

And much more…


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The product activation guide is not created by us, so you will use it at your own risk. The products you download from (wpideal.com) are always original, not modified, so you decide whether to modify the file to activate it or for other purposes, we will not be responsible. When a guide is available it means that you can activate the product (without using the author’s license). NOTE: Not all products (themes and plugins) need activation and / or the author’s license key to fully function.

Please follow the steps below to activate MyThemeShop themes and plugins.

Step 1: 

Make sure you are using a fresh untouched theme again and go to the folder:

“mts_sense/functions/” – this can be any theme. E.g. mts_adsense

Step 2: 

In that folder, look for the file “theme-actions.php”. Open that file in a text editor and look for the following lines:

function mts_nhp_sections_override()  
{ define( 'MTS_THEME_INIT', 1 );

(I found it in line #845 and #846)

Step 3: 

Right after the second line, put a “return;” (without quotes).

It should look like this:

function mts_nhp_sections_override() { define( 'MTS_THEME_INIT', 1 ); return;
if ( class_exists('mts_connection') && defined('MTS_CONNECT_ACTIVE') && MTS_CONNECT_ACTIVE ) { return; }

(do not get confused with the returns that were already there. Those do not need to be touched.)

Step 4: 

Deactivate the MyThemeShop Connect plugin.

Step 5: 

Save the file and that’s it. That will defeat the Update connector.

Final note: 

I guess this will be in a theme by theme basis, but first, I guess most of the themes will have that similar structure and second, that is why I mentioned the two lines. That is because even when the line “define( ‘MTS_THEME_INIT’, 1 )” is unique in that file, it will help you look in any other of the themes you would like to null. You will just need to confirm that it is right after the line “function mts_nhp_sections_override() {“. If not, then that is not the one.

This is for the themes that apply and as for the plugins, as long as you do not install the connect plugin you are good to go.

If something does not work in this or any other theme/plugin, just drop a line. I’ll be more than glad to take a look at it for you.

1. If I need support, what can I do?

The Wpideal Team offers free support to help you for example to install themes or plugins on your WordPress. But we don't offer free professional assistance, for example (for developer bug fixes or for functionality and development changes) we offer paid support that you can purchase at any time from the dedicated section.

2. Are the product developer/author licenses included?

We do not provide any license or trial/commercial keys needed for automatic updating of these products. All products presented on the website operate in full and on an unlimited number of websites (domains). No license keys needed. For most of them. But some products may not work without the author's license, so you will need to purchase a license from the author of the product as well, or otherwise do so yourself. (In any case, the files you download from wpideal are original and functional, even when they don't work due to the author's license). Read more here and on FAQ page.

3. Are the products I buy always downloadable?

No, the links of the products you buy on Wpideal expire after 48 hours of purchase. When there are new updates, you will need to repurchase the product if you need them.

4. Do the product files I purchase contain malware, advertisements, or anything else?

Absolutely not, we offer excellent service and our goal is to be recognized as a totally transparent marketplace. You can rest assured and check the files you download from Wpideal yourself with any antivirus. All files are exactly the same as the original developer provided us. No changes are made to any file.

5. Are nulled versions of the products also included?

Absolutely NOT. All the products you find on Wpideal are ours that we bought from the developers, so WE downloaded all files by the developers and then uploaded to wpideal marketplace, they are not modified in any way. Many products work without the author’s license, but if for some reason it does not work without author license when you install it or even after the updates, it will not be Wpideal.com responsibility, But it is the buyer who has to provide:

  • Buy a license from the developer
  • Or proceed to transform the product himself in (nulled) to make it work without a license.

Please note: You cannot request a refund if the product fails due to the missing author license. As we have also written in the conditions, the author's license is not included and it is the responsibility of the buyer/user to purchase a developer/author license if need it or modify the files to make it (nulled). We don't do this and we have no responsibility. From us you only buy 100% original, unmodified files. Please keep this in mind before buying from Wpideal.com.

When you buy on Wpideal you accept also this conditions which is also described in the T&c. Read more also here and here.

6. Guide for How to activate products

After you have made the purchase, if there is available a guide for activating the product (without the author's license) you will find it you will find the guide in the "How to activate" tab on the product page. If the tutorial is not available it means that there is no activation guide yet . Please note that not all products are included with activation guide, if you have any doubts, before purchasing contact us and ask us if the product you are interested in is complete with activation guide (without author's license). In many other cases, the products do not require any licensed activation by the author to function properly.

Please note that from us (Wpideal.com) you will always download original files without any tampering, so any changes you make will be your responsibility. We do not oblige to force the activation of the products, but we do offer the guide (when available) for those who wish to do so. But at your own risk, if you don't know how to do it, don't do it and ask for help from an expert.

Please note

Before buying, read the FAQ on this page, the General FAQ, terms and conditions and all the other documents on Wpideal.com. When you buy on Wpideal.com you automatically confirm that you have read and agree to all our terms, conditions, recommendations and that you have read and agree to all the FAQ pages and information pages on Wpideal.com.

Please Attention here

before buying read the faq. There are important things you need to know about the products.

The first thing you need to know is that all the products you buy on wpideal do not have the author / developer license, and that some products (not all) only work partially or do not work completly, without the author/developer license, you can only buy from the author/product developer. On wpideal you simple buy the complete original file that we download from the author, but it is unlicensed (without key license from author).

Some products work completely without the author's license, but others do not and therefore it is not our responsibility if a product does not work without the author's license, if you need the license you can buy it from the author or if you are an expert you can "nulled" of the product and therefore it will work completely without license but we do not take any responsibility.

Some products are licensed by the author only for automatic updates and to receive support from the author, but there are some products that require the author's license to be activated, so you may purchase a product on wpideal that you will not be able to use but it will not be our fault because it is also written in our terms, conditions and in the general faq that we ask you to accept and review with every purchase. So we assume you have read all of our conditions before buying.

You will "rarely" find some products complete with the author's license when possible (you will find it written in the product description) in that case you will be able to use the license by purchasing a monthly or annual subscription with wpideal (but only in cases where it is specified in the tab product technique) in all other cases you will receive the original files under the gpl license and without the key / license of the author / developer. Subsequent claims are not accepted for these and other reasons.

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