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DolceClassifieds is probably the best WordPress theme for building a classified website. The selling price is a premium price because it is a very high value and highly sought after product.

Private messages system

The theme comes with a slick, custom built, private messages system. Now it will be even easier for your users to talk to each other in real-time and negotiate the price or arrange a meeting.

Powerful form builder

Create your own form fields for the ad posting process with the built-in form builder. You can create unique forms for each category in your website with as many fields as you want.

Auto Classifieds Plugin

The theme comes with it’s own fully featured Auto Classifieds plugin. You can import a full list of car, motorcycles, campers, trucks and tyre makes along with custom form fields for each auto category and run your auto classifieds site like a professional.

Clean, flat, responsive design

This theme will look great on any device.
Your users will see a fast loading website regardless if they are on a phone, tablet or a laptop.

Powerful form builder settings

The theme comes with a powerful ad form editor and category editor.
You will be able to create customizable forms for each ad category and then choose from over 2000 icons to show next to a category name.

Facebook and Google+ login

Your users will be able to register on your site with an email address but also with their Facebook or Google+ account.

Monetize your website

The theme has a built in payment system that you can use with PayPal or STRIPE.
You can charge your users for the posting of ads and then you can upsell with ad upgrades like “featured ad”, “highlighted ad” or “push ad”.

No plugins necessary

This theme works right out of the box.
No need for extra plugins to achieve the functionality of a fully working classifieds website.

Change your url structrure

Easily change the url structure for your ads. This is great for SEO and you will also be able to use the theme for any niche you want.

Auto Classifieds functionality

The theme comes with a fully functional auto classifieds plugin. You can import a full list of car makes and custom form fields for your auto categories.

Classified ads WordPress theme

This theme will help you build your own classified ads in minutes. Once you install it you’ll be ready to go. No need for a lot of configurations, no need for 10 extra plugins, just the theme. We built this theme based on client feedback and we’ll continue to update the theme and make it even better.

The theme comes with a powerful built in form creator. You can create custom form fields for each category in your site.

All users register and edit their information from the front-end. At no time are they allowed to go in the WordPress dashboard so they will not even know you are using WordPress.

Payment options

PayPal Stripe

You can use PayPal or STRIPE to accept payments. More payment options will be integrated in future versions.

You can choose from a selection of payment settings. You can set a price for the posting of an ad and also charge users for ad upgrades like: featured ad, highlighted ad or push ad to top. All payments and ad expiration is done automatically by the theme.

If you have a STRIPE account you can accept credit card payments.

All the features you would expect to have

– Email verification for the signups to prevent spam
– Social sites login
– Location based ads with distance search
– Ad image management
– Powerful form fields creator to customize every aspect of the ad form
– Category editor with built in icon system for each ad
– Private messages system
– Accept payment with PayPal and STRIPE
– Use the site in any language you want by creating new languages from a settings page
– Sidebar filters to sort the ads
– Sort ads by distance
– Featured ad payed upgrade
– Highlighted ad payed upgrade
– Push ad to top every morning payed upgrade
– Spam protection
– Widgetized areas for the header, sidebars and footer
– Ad space in the header, sidebars and footer
– Website logo upload.

Category editor

You can create any number of categories and subcategories. All with their very own icon. You have over 2000 free icons to choose from.


Ads can be posted free of charge or for a certain fee. You can choose if expired ads are removed from the site or they can just be paused so they don’t showup in the site.


Your users can login or register with just an email address or if you want they can login with their Facebook or Google+ account.

Super admin

The admin of the website can edit every ad. The admin can add/delete images, change ad information or delete the ad.


We have included a detailed documentation file along with the theme. You will learn what all the settings pages and admin pages are used for and how the theme works.


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Download last version of DolceClassifieds Classified Ads WordPress Theme with special best deal price coupon. 100% original files. GPL. Free download Nulled

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