How to install a plugin

How to install a plugin

How to install a Plugin

  1. Download the .zip file of the plugin to install from the product page in our website.
  2. Log into your WordPress website.
  3. Go to “Plugins”> “Add New”.
  4. Click the “Upload Plugin” button at the top of the page.
  5. Select the .zip file with the plugin to install.
  6. Click the “Install Now” button.
  7. Once installed click on “Activate”


It is very important that you do not forget that some products (for example those from Themeforest and Codecanyon) often come in a double compression, that is, a zip file inside another zip.

Check your product when downloading BEFORE INSTALLING to see if this is the case since if so, the main zip you downloaded will not be the installable one, which will lead to installation errors.

If you upload the installation and receive an error, it is very likely that the main zip is not the installable one. Unzip the main zip and you will find the installable zip inside.

If you have any questions or need support