How does it work

How does it work

How the website works is easy to understand. On WPIDEAL.COM you will find a catalog of products for the WordPress CMS, for example: Premium Themes, Premium Plugins and other digital content to download. The only difference compared to other marketplaces is that on WPIDEAL.COM you can find premium products at a discounted price up to 93% compared to the original.

Select the products you are interested in and add them to the cart, make the payment and download the products from the customer area. (The links of the products you purchase expire after 30 days of purchase). While they do not expire if you have an active membership until the next file update. (See credits how they work).

All the products you find on this site are original and we download them directly from the author of each product. There are marketplaces where you can find premium WordPress products at full price or sold directly by the author. On WPIDEAL.COM you will pay an ultra discounted price.

The difference is that for the products you buy on WPIDEAL.COM, there is no license for any product and therefore you don’t get automatic updates but you will always find the updates on WPIDEAL.COM as soon as they are made available by the author. Furthermore, no technical support is included. So if you need the license and technical support from the author, you should buy the product at full price directly from the author, or you can take advantage of the opportunity to try the product by purchasing it on WPIDEAL.COM at a reduced price and then decide whether to purchase the license. and support from the author anytime thereafter.

All product datasheets include all the details and what is available in the files.

You will notice that there is not a full catalog of products, because we only use those we own and do not use “nulled products”. Original files only.

On Wpideal you will never find (nulled) products if you are looking for (nulled) products we invite you to look for another marketplace. On Wpideal you will find premium products (themes, plugins and more) for WordPress on offer compared to the original price, but you will only find original files here. We know that some products need a author license to work and therefore if you are an expert or know an expert you can perform the operation (nulled) on the product you buy on Wpideal. But we don’t sell products already (nulled). You must understand this before buying, also because refunds are not accepted if you were expecting a working product without a license. Some products work well even without a license, so you can also contact us before buying to know if the product you want to buy needs a license to work (Wpideal does not sell author/developer licenses, all products are free of developer license). The products are GPL licensed.

For GPL and DMCA matters, please read the relevant pages.