About Us

About Us

Wpideal is a marketplace of themes, plugins and other premium products for WordPress, sold at a discounted price compared to the original price.

We take care of selecting the best premium wordpress products to offer them on our platform at discounted prices up to 92%.

We buy directly from the authors / developers and the products are then resold on Wpideal.com at a lower price for two reasons:

  1. because they are not licensed by the developer and therefore you only receive the unlicensed product file
  2. because developer support is not included

So if you shop on Wpideal.com it means that you don’t need those two things and therefore you can save a lot of money.

The products you find on wpideal.com are absolutely genuine, free from viruses and any modifications. You can test the products you buy from us from anywhere and with any expert. We want your shopping experience to be excellent on our marketplace.

Some products to work or to work completely may require the mandatory use of a developer license, at which point we could not do anything and you will still have received the complete file and if you are an expert you can make the product usable even without a license, but it is not a service that we offer, you can do it with any gpl license product.

If you have any doubts or questions you can contact us or open a support ticket.

We also offer basic support on any order, we can help you in the main stages of product installation and / or wordpress on your hosting, we do not offer further support for this.